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Digital Event Trends – What’s On The Horizon for 2022?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the world has seen a vast and accelerated digital transformation in both businesses and society. Many of our clients have not only had to adapt to the sudden change from in-person to virtual events, but the hybrid live event model that caters for participants attending both in-person and remotely online has evolved dramatically in a very short timescale. The learnings and continued success across data collection, matched with increased analysis of behaviour, has significantly helped improve attendee experience and connect brands to their audiences across all formats.

In our previous blog, we shared some top tips on how to continue to deliver memorable experiences and remain safe and adaptable in a world beginning to reopen. But how will event industry maintain the momentum of strengthening connections between all participants (whether they are attending in-person or virtually) and continue to push the boundaries of event technology to deliver immersive and engaging events in 2022?

Looking Forward

The event industry has shown it can be innovative and look beyond the obvious when considering how to adapt business strategies and objectives.  This is also the case for new technology and digital enhancements that are advancing exponentially and presenting exciting opportunities for global live experience.  Our TTA team is always researching new innovative ways to deliver memorable and personable events, and as we move into the New Year, our digital team have shared some predictions on how they think the digital transformation of the event industry will continue to develop in the near term.

Enhanced AI

Using machine learning algorithms, AI will be used within the event industry to support the constructive and strategic decision-making process by creating personalised event journeys for all attendees.  Algorithms have enabled event software solutions to recommend specific content, highlight match making and networking opportunities, and provide a permanent AI assistant to maximise the participant experience.  Not only can AI be implemented at any stage of the event life cycle to benefit the customer journey, but it hugely benefits event strategy by enabling our project teams to facilitate detailed analytics, contributing to the overall ROO/ROI for an event.

QR Codes

QR codes have been around for a long time and used frequently within the event industry, but as the world looks to open up more to in-person events, the importance of QR codes will become event greater in terms of safety, sustainability and analytics.

Our last blog looked at how we can reassure ensure stakeholders that our events will be safe and adaptable within country specific COVID guidelines. With the ability to provide contactless check in at all in-person events, we can use QR codes effectively to mitigate cross contamination between attendees by creating digital name badges. These can also store the registration data of attendees which helps ensure that check in is fast and concise, meeting space capacities are carefully monitored and enhanced security measures are conducted with the use of a profile picture.

In terms of analytics, the use of QR codes throughout an event also enable the project team and our stakeholders to make strategic decisions for the event in real time, by facilitating relevant data capture on various event elements, for example, popular meeting content and how many networking connections are being made.

Along with our global clients and partners, we prioritise sustainable practice at TTA. QR codes and digital badges can play a part in the sustainable event experience going forward along with other strategies that help decrease an event’s carbon footprint.

Metaverse Experiences

As the industry continues to demonstrate that meaningful and engaging events can happen online, the blurred lines between reality and an online environment continue to grow. The concept of the Metaverse - a constructed online environment within which we can create unique event experiences via a fully immersive digital world right from our home offices – has received much publicity for its enormous potential.

With corporate travel restrictions potentially looking to remain in place for the near future, the Metaverse could be used to create new and exciting ways for our stakeholders to meet their business objectives in a memorable and digital landscape. Already, with the use of personalised avatars, attendees can connect with their colleagues and experience deliverable content from a VR headset in real time. And as technology advances, the digital worlds that we create are set to be transformative experiences for participants that also dramatically widen the potential audience reach.

Adaptable delivery

With the pandemic still very far from over, the event landscape is complex and a critical focus for TTA is to be responsive and adaptable for our clients, using our expertise to facilitate strong connections across all required event formats - in-person, virtual and hybrid.  This includes interrogating innovative digital and technological solutions to support the delivery of experiences that create real change.  In our next digital blog we will be taking a deep dive into the use of technology to create interactive content and prioritise engagement …… watch this space.

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