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Revitalising our culture to roadmap 2024 success

At TTA we’re always looking beyond the obvious to change minds and lives through events and experiences for our clients. Towards the end of 2023, we turned attention to our own team, with an event that ignited a fresh chapter in our company culture. This purposeful activation not only brought our team together but also set the stage for a renewed approach to collaboration and excellence at TTA, making an even better employee experience.

Why did we arrange this internal event?

The aim of the action-packed day was simple: to strengthen connections within the team, while celebrating our unique qualities and strengths. We encouraged everyone to actively participate in the day’s activities, sharing their ideas on the TTA people and culture experience. It was about recognising the role each team member has in shaping our journey throughout 2024.

Speaking about the event, Operations Director Julie said, “Our motivation for hosting this event was to create more alignment, provide clarity and facilitate open communication about our people and culture initiatives for 2024 and beyond.”

How did the day unfold?

In our pursuit of deeper connections, the first half of the day included a Bucket List Exchange, encouraging everyone to jot down aspirations and give us a snapshot of their “un-obvious” personality traits or dreams that often remain hidden in the realm of work. Furthermore, we introduced a 'Charity Bucket List Exchange' to spark ideas for our next team challenge, a testament to our commitment not only to personal dreams but to making a positive impact on the world. These activities laid the foundations for a more connected and purpose-driven approach.

For the second half of the session, we handed things over to our team, exploring strategies that will pave the way for 2024 and laying the foundations for our new year culture canvas. The session revolved around three key pillars: amplifying our employee voice, enhancing our employee experience, and fostering career development.

Finally, we rallied the team to shape their visual journey map and symbolise distinct events or team touchpoints. This creative exercise reinforced the interconnected nature of our people and culture, emphasising how each event contributes to our collective journey. This became a catalyst for a focused discussion on the overall employee experience.

What were the results?

Overall, the day proved to be an indisputable success, drawing a wave of positive feedback from our team. When asked to encapsulate their overall experience, our staff described it as engaging, motivating, valuable and incredibly collaborative. What significantly stood out was the opportunity the day offered to reinforce our shared commitment to making TTA the best it can be. The team relished the chance to unwind and connect off-site, encouraging a stronger sense of fun and a solid understanding of the TTA collective.

Summarising the activation, Managing Director Liz said, “as we look ahead, our focus is to provide the team with clarity on our goals and a clear sense of direction. This involves alignment of our values, how we present ourselves, and our relationships within the team. We are set to revamp our approach to career development and performance management, ensuring that every team member knows how they can grow and evolve within the business”.

The commitment to champion the employee voice and continue to act through improvement, solidifies our dedication to creating a workplace where every team member thrives and contributes to the success of TTA, our clients and our events.

With a promising start to 2024, we are excited to move forward with a revitalised energy on our people and culture. Together, we step into the new year on a journey marked by growth, unity, and a shared vision of success.

Follow this link to see our highlights video from the day

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