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The Power of Live

We believe that live experiences define who we become.  We are social beings and by creating the right live environment that taps in to the heart and soul of individuals, we have an opportunity to make a powerful and lasting impact.  This can influence human understanding and behaviour on many levels.

What is the one thing that sticks in your mind as something that makes you the person you are today? Chances are that thing was an experience. It was something that you were present at. You were in the room. It might have been the birth of your first child, the day you were told some bad news that changed your life, or the first time you saw your favourite band live with all your best mates? It probably wasn’t something you saw on TV, or read in the paper or at your computer screen.

So that’s why we believe in live experiences and work tirelessly with our clients to create live impact that integrates seamlessly with their vision and wider communications. This goes as much for our great global corporate clients who are focused on getting to the heart of customer engagement as our charity partner Shine Cancer Support that is connecting and supporting its amazing community through a London live event this week. 

The power of “live” and how intelligent live experiences are making sense for brands in today’s world of integrated communications is explored further in our recent Times Business Events article. 

Why there's no substitute for experience

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